Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid, Attorneys at Law, are located in Beaufort, South Carolina and represent clients all across the low-country. The firm works with residents and businesses in the communities of Dataw Island, Fripp Island, Port Royal, Bluffton, Hilton Head, and throughout Beaufort County. The firm was originally founded by Julian S. Levin in 1948 and was later reorganized when D. Cabell Gilley joined as a partner in 1997. In 2006, Marc W. Fisher, Jr., Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) joined as a partner; and, in 2019, Caitlin C. Reid joined as a partner. Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid is a long-established practice that focuses on advising and representing individuals and businesses with legal concerns regarding real estate, business and corporate law, estate planning (including wills and trusts), and probate of estates and trust administration.

Real Estate Transactions

As experienced real estate attorneys, Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid can help with property transactions, both residential and commercial. Advice and assistance can be provided in regard to the purchasing or selling of homes, the refinancing of existing mortgages, and commercial real estate transactions for small businesses. The firm can negotiate terms, draft documents, and prepare closings.  

Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid also work with active and retired military personnel regarding their residential real estate needs.

Business and CoRporate Law

Advice and guidance can be provided to clients in all aspects of their business ventures, including starting new businesses, establishing partnerships, buying existing businesses, or expanding current operations. Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid can council and help with the formation of partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, or other legal entities.

The firm can also handle contract negotiation, corporate dispute resolution, business operation matters, and collection of outstanding debt.

Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts)

Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid can help develop comprehensive estate plans, draft wills, implement revocable (living) and irrevocable trusts, and execute power of attorney documents. The firm can also work with fund trusts to avoid probate and to save assets from estate, gift, and income taxes, when possible.

Probate of Estates & Trust Administration

Legal services for probate of estates can be provided as needed. The firm can also help determine asset distribution, provide advice on trust administration, and manage probate administration.

The talented attorneys and experienced staff at Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid are available to provide legal counsel and direction, and they will deliver the attention and professional service that is required. A successful practice has been built over the years on the cornerstones of experience, trust, and confidence. Levin Gilley Fisher & Reid can help clients maneuver through legal options and make the best decisions; they are advocates, always seeking the best available solutions under the law.

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